Inspired by the future,
for the future

D&L Sustainability Report

How does one humanize a manufacturing company – especially one that revolves heavily around the production of chemicals, paints, and oils? As a company that prides itself as being “inspired by the future, for the future”, D&L Industries has always prioritized its research and development, as well as innovation and we wanted this to come through in the design of their report. We worked on a visual approach for their Sustainability Report and Investor Deck that would elevate them from a company that makes things into a company that makes an impact on people’s lives.


Spreads from the D&L Sustainability Report


Bright, engaging, hand-drawn illustrations bring a human touch

The Sustainability Report for D&L Industries presented the perfect opportunity to bring to life the company’s innovation mindset. The combination of hand-drawn illustrations and a bright color palette, similar to that of textbooks, made the information easier to understand and really engages the report’s readers.

D&L Sustainability Report illustration

D&L Investor Deck

Meanwhile, the Investor Deck is meant to attract and build confidence in both current and potential investors of D&L Industries. For this, we opted to repeat the same bright hues to highlight the company’s performance milestones and chart its growth throughout the years, while simultaneously strengthening the brand identity.


The illustrations balance the more serious look of the graphs and tables to create a tone that is still polished and professional.