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A balanced functional approach to dermatology

Filipinos are taking more consideration of their skin, and it shows in the rise of dermatology and aesthetic clinics in the country. Skin+Nutrition, however, is the first in the Philippines to look both at your skin and your overall wellbeing through functional dermatology. By taking into consideration your DNA, nutrition, lifestyle and other factors, Skin+Nutrition helps you understand your skin’s issues better so you not only achieve your best skin ever, but also feel healthy from the inside out.




Skin+Nutrition offers itself as a nurturing cocoon — a sanctuary of restoration and renewal

CIA Bootleg crafted the brand strategy for Skin+Nutrition and partnered with us to create a visual identity that would express both the expertise and the empathy of the brand. The icon represents a cocoon that serves both as a sanctuary of refuge and a symbol of transformation and renwal. The yin and yang reference how nutrition and lifestyle both play a role in helping you achieve healthy skin from within.


From the typography, pattern and imagery, we made sure that every element used showcases the duality of Skin+Nutrition– its scientific expertise and human touch. The guidelines we created for the brand helps us ensure that visual consistency is achieved across all of Skin+Nutrition’s communications, whether that be on their website or social media properties.



The team behind Skin+Nutrition

Brand strategy by CIA Bootleg Manila
Brand identity by brandyard

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