Shining a light on Filipino coffee and hospitality

Angkan Coffee Company

The family behind the brand came to us wanting to create a homegrown coffee concept. Previously a franchisee of an international coffee brand, they wanted to shift their focus back to local, honoring their heritage and shining a light on the Philippine coffee industry. They were in search of a name that highlighted their passion for great coffee and warm, friendly service that treats their customers like family.

Angkan is a Filipino word that means clan, tribe, kindred, or family.

The Tagalog word ‘Angkan’ was the perfect name to capture the brand’s sense of warmth and familiarity, as well as emphasize our roots and heritage. Expect the baristas to remember your order and ask how you’re doing — Angkan’s signature Filipino hospitality makes every cup taste even better and makes you feel right at home.


Bright passion and heart

Red became the natural choice for Angkan’s brand color– a color that symbolizes the country, their heart and conviction, and how you become one blood. The brand’s mark shows the Philippine sun rising over a cup of coffee, signifying how Angkan is shining the spotlight on Filipino coffee.



Modern Filipino Interiors

Maximus Built Solutions then translated the new brand identity into the design language of the store. The distinct red column housing the icon became a bright beacon for the store while the addition of the wicker furniture and light wood gives off the warmth of Filipino hospitality. Together, we ensured that everything was cohesive, and collaborated on the sizing of any branded elements as well as the creation of the patterned decals for the walls.


Celebrating coffee and culture

We also created a merch line that honors their love for great coffee and was inspired by Filipino heritage. From the Good Morning towels that you can find around every manong’s neck to the coffee plant that represents the farmers’ hard work to bring us the coffee we enjoy. Now you can carry around the same pride with you— whether grabbing a quick cup to go, or enjoying slow mornings at home, these tumblers are designed to bring the Angkan experience closer to you.